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Cashless for Corporate Dining

Integrating directly with existing facility access ID badges, the Systopia cashless system provides a seamless method of payment for food and beverages within Business environments.

With an array of high-profile, multi-national clients, Systopia has a proud record of excellence and providing tangible improvements to service in the Business sector


It’s Systopia’s flexibility that our clients love.

If your business is office-based, with staff spending time at their desks, then the Good2Go Online Desktop is the perfect tool for employees to manage their cashless account with the click of a mouse. If your staff are on the move more often than not, Systopia’s Mobile App ensures their cashless account is never more than a fingertip away. Depending on your staff demographic, you may need to offer a cash-method of loading, that’s where the touchscreen Customer Kiosks come in. The options are vast and the choice, of course, is yours.


Whatever your requirement, Systopia strives to achieve it.

Our innovative payment technology means that you can offer your staff a choice of payment types when they arrive at the Point of Sale (POS). Systopia’s sophisticated POS software can integrate multiple forms of payment through a single POS point, including cashless, credit and debit card, mobile payment, QR codes, gift cards, vouchers, and cash.

Business Benefits

A cashless system from Systopia doesn’t just provide staff with a fantastic customer experience, it also gives your organization the tools to increase participation and streamline the foodservice operation.

You can expect to benefit from reduced operating costs associated with handling cash, as well as a tighter grip on inventory and a reduction in waste via our back-office administration portal. Not only that, but you’ll have total visibility of sales data through our extensive reporting software, enabling you to tailor offers and loyalty programs to maximize profit and satisfy demand. There’s no need to worry about hosting the system, Systopia’s cashless solutions operate using dedicated, virtualized and cloud-based servers, removing the hassle and cost associated with internal hosting.

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