Take payments on the move

Flexible foodservice

Take payments and orders


Business data

Flexibility to expand your foodservice operation

Offer new services and take payment and orders on the move

Our Portable POS terminal has become a central feature of our clients’ payment solutions where practicality, customer satisfaction and speed are paramount factors. Whether it’s for mobile cart services, outdoor events or BBQs, our Portable POS brings payment to your fingertips.

Line-busting. Simple

Prioritize speed of service and maximize efficiency

Simply unclip the Portable POS terminal from its docking station and away you go. With a small card reader attached, you can use the tablet to line-bust during busy periods, ensuring a speedy customer experience.

Real-time transactions

Portable payments processed instantly and easily tracked online

We know that knowledge drives business growth. Every time a customer places an order or makes a payment on the Portable POS terminal, that data is captured and collated in our reporting system, allowing you to track best-selling items and even busy times of day.


Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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