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Unrivaled speed and reliability

Introducing our market-leading POS terminal combining cutting-edge processing power with unparalleled durability

We understand that reliability and performance are key aspects that drive your decisions, that’s why our POS terminal is built to last. This touchscreen POS terminal delivers what every business needs: guaranteed speed with powerful processors and the peace of mind that reliability brings.

We also know that some businesses either own POS hardware already, or would like to purchase their own hardware.  Uniquely, Systopia offers “BYOH” (Bring Your Own Hardware), allowing you the option to repurpose existing hardware or purchase new hardware on your own.

One POS fits all

Enabled for all types of payment, our POS terminal gives you the flexibility to offer your customer payment choices

As a market-leader, we provide payment solutions that will stand the test of time. That’s why our fixed POS terminal can accept a variety of payment types including cashless, credit/debit card, contactless, mobile pay, cash, gift cards, and vouchers.

Know your customers

Track every sale with our in-depth analysis tool

Each time a payment is made, trasactional data is captured and visible via our reporting software. Be informed about what sells best and at what time of day to tailor your service to meet customer demand and thus increase traffic and sales.


Make the most of Systopia’s payment solution with a range of innovative benefits.

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