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Systopia’s payment solution accepts contactless payment from major mobile wallets

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular and are predicted to become a payment norm. With one eye on the future, Systopia’s payment solutions accept mobile pay emerging technologies including ApplePay and Google Wallet.

Systopia provides Contactless payment devices that integrate with all varieties of the Point-of-Sale range, allowing customers to pay with their mobile phone.

Use the Systopia Mobile App to pay in milliseconds

Systopia’s Mobile App reduces lines, minimizes cash handling costs and transforms foodservice operations. Customers can pay on their mobile using their cashless account, loaded in advance on the Systopia App or by linking a credit/debit card.

On arrival at the Point-of-Sale the App generates a unique QR code that can be scanned, with payments processed instantly. A separate Guest App is available for organizations with a cashless environment.

Providing the flexibility to choose a payment type that suits you

Systopia believes in offering flexibility when it comes to payment solutions. The Point-of-Sale range can accept any combination of payment, including cashless, credit/debit card or even traditional cash.

When it comes to Mobile Pay, the Systopia Mobile App and contactless capabilities means every base is covered.

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