Pay by Credit/ Debit Card
Traditional Magstripe, Chip Card. or Smartphone (NFC) payments


No Cash


Get lines moving with faster payments

Let customers pay with Magstripe, or Chip, or Smartphone (NFC) to speed up service

Smartphone payments are the fast way of taking payment from a credit or debit card and are commonly found at major retailers and restaurants. Bring NFC to your operation and make lines a thing of the past.

Get rid of cash and see tangible savings

Cash is no longer king – with emerging payment technologies like smartphone credit/debit card you can see real savings associated with the handling and removal of physical coins and notes.

Stay on trend and offer the latest and most popular payment options

Credit and debit card payments are now the most common type of transaction, providing a secure and speedy method of payment for customers. At Systopia we are constantly assessing the market and offer the very best Magstripe, Chip or Contactless devices.

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