Use your facility's employee ID badge for cashless payment

Reduce lines by 25%

Increase participation by 22%

Increase sales by 14%

Combine access control with payment

Systopia integrates with existing security ID cards, badges, fobs and even wristbands

If you use an access control system to enter your facility, an ID card or fob is the norm. Why not use it as a means of payment? It has been proven to reduce lines by 25%, transaction times by 50%, and increase sales by 14%. On arrival at the Point-Of-Sale, users simply tap their badge or wristband against our unique Reader and payment is taken instantly. We can integrate with all common card types so you won’t need to recall or distribute new cards.

Flexible Recharge Options

Good2Go Online Desktop

Users can quickly and easily access and recharge their accounts from any PC or tablet, loading funds with their Credit/Debit card. They can even establish an Auto Recharge whereby their account automatically recharges when it reaches a minimum trigger level.

It’s easy to track what’s been spent with a detailed history of transactions, ensuring peace of mind and reducing disputes.

There’s even an Ordering feature, where users can order and buy items online, sending the order to the kitchen for preparation.

Collect feedback from customers and customize the website with your imagery and logos.

Mobile App

Recharge anywhere at any time with the touch of a finger with the Systopia Mobile App. Users can load funds securely to their account with their Credit/Debit card and their new balance is instantly ready to use at the Point-Of-Sale.

Users can also use the App to pay by generating a QR code that is scanned to take payment.

The App can be configured with custom menus for users to order from and pay. Orders can be sent to Kitchen Printers or directly to a Prep Monitor in the kitchen/prep area.

Kiosk Loader

Free-standing or wall-mounted, the Kiosk provides users with a simple, effective and physical method of recharging and reviewing their cashless account.

Each Kiosk can accept Credit/Debit cards or bills, which can be instantly loaded to a user’s account, ready to spend at the Point-Of-Sale.

The Kiosk can manage visitors and guests by distributing visitor cards and providing refunds at the end of their stay. Accessibility isn’t an issue as the touch-screen buttons can change position to meet all requirements.

Payroll Deduction

If you already have a system of deducting payments directly from payroll, or you would consider simplifying your operation, our payment solution can make this an easy process.

Every purchase is recorded in our reporting software and a simple report can be collated and sent to HR at the end of each pay period, showing spend per employee.

Employees can select a maximum spend limit, ensuring they keep within budget.

Point of Sale

You’ve chosen your payment type, now see which of our state-of-the-art POS solutions suits you.

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