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Analyze data and tailor your operation to meet customer demand

Drive business knowledge and enhance revenue with total visibility of every transaction

Knowledge equals business advantage. Systopia’s extensive Reporting software collates and manages every transaction, be it from a point of sale, vending machine, web portal or mobile app, giving you the tools to drill down and analyze key business data.

Track performance and target promotions depending on demand

Systopia’s Reports have proven extremely effective in helping to target promotions and tailor the offering to match sales trends. The data can be used to provide loyalty programs and can even show which users aren’t using the system.

Sit back and manage your data online from the back office

Systopia’s Reports run through an online browser as well as a mobile dashboard, thus data can be accessed from the comfort of a back-office PC or mobile phone, negating the need to collect data manually from each point of sale.

Reporting - Get your hands on data instantly

Get your hands on real-time data with the KPI Dashboard

Systopia’s KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Dashboard gives you the ability to monitor performance anywhere, anytime, in the palm of your hand.  As a networked system, all reports are visible in real-time and date stamped to ensure full accountability.

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