Pre-Order & Pick-up
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Pre-Order & Pick-Up

Pre-Order & Pick-Up

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Pre-Order & Pick-Up

Using their personal web portal users choose and order from a customized menu to be collected

Pre-Order & Pick-Up  improves both the customer experience and the efficiency of your operation. Orders are automatically sent to the prep station where they can be prepared according to demand, in turn helping to minimize waste.

Mobile Order & Pay for Click & Collect POS

Allows users to place an order on the App which immediately appears at a Click & Collect POS displaying orders to the catering team in real-time. A popular choice for coffee bars, the App enables staff to prepare orders efficiently.

Speed up service by introducing pre-ordering to increase efficiencies across your operation

Not only does pre-ordering help users make the most of their mealtimes but it also allows you as an organization to prepare orders to meet demand, resulting in a fast service that drastically reduces food waste.

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