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Online Ordering

Order food and beverages to meeting rooms

Systopia’s innovative ordering platform for conference areas provides organizations with a simple and flexible method of placing food and beverage orders against defined rooms, at specific times of day. Customers log-in to an online portal, through which they will see the configured meeting rooms. Once a room and time have been selected, they are shown a menu of food and beverages to choose from. Orders are automatically sent to a designated hospitality team member in the form of an email and kitchen print-out allowing them to manage their time efficiently and prepare orders in advance.

Digital Concierge

Systopia’s on-demand hospitality solution for meeting rooms

Deliver a superior customer experience through first-class meeting room services. The Systopia Digital Concierge service enhances meeting room experiences, while saving time, resources and reducing waste. With a touchscreen tablet or smartphone in each room, orders can be placed on-demand rather than in advance. As orders are placed on the Digital Concierge, the information is sent in real-time to the catering team to prepare and deliver to the room. <br /> In addition to food ordering, Digital Concierge can be used to alert staff to special requests, such as “Do Not Disturb”, “Need IT Assistance”, or other customizable requests.

Cost Centers

Choose to charge food and beverage to a cost center

Each cashless account can have multiple cost centers attached to it for designated users, allowing them to charge food and beverage purchases when hosting clients or team meetings, to the cost center account. Every transaction is recorded in Systopia’s reporting software so a full audit trail is provided. In addition to centers, some organizations choose to use separate hospitality and departmental cards for payment. Systopia provides the flexibility to choose the option that suits each client best.

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