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Transaction History

Recharge Online

Add funds to your account manually or by Auto Recharge

Our clients tell us that the average person spends only 17 minutes on their lunchtime break, so it’s important to deliver a fast and efficient experience. The Good2Go Online Desktop is a secure portal through which users can recharge their accounts with their credit/debit card, or create an Auto Recharge where their account automatically tops-up when it reaches a user-defined minimum “trigger” level.

Pre-Order Online

Efficient and convenient Pre-Ordering

Create flexible menus and allow customers to order and (optional) pay in advance for items using the Good2Go Online Desktop, creating a high-tech and convenient experience that encourages customers to stay on-site at mealtimes. The Pre-Ordering feature also improves operational efficiency, as each order is sent to the prep station, allowing prep staff to plan and prepare meals in advance.

The Power of Your Brand

Customize the Good2Go Online Desktop

Get creative, brand and customize the Good2Go Online Desktop to match your organization’s ethos, look and feel. Much of the web page can be customized, with space to display logos as well as large image spaces that are often used to show promotions, special offers and ‘this week’s menu’. This space is ultimately best-used as a touch-point with customers, where you can even make use of widgets like peak and low traffic times through your facilities. Systopia provides a Merchandising Service that maintains and updates images, menus and promotions on the website, while also tailoring specific widgets to suit your needs.

Transaction History

Every recharge and purchase captured

It’s easy to track what’s been spent, when and where with a flexible transaction history. Keep an eye on expenditures and reduce the likelihood of transaction disputes, ensuring peace of mind for all parties. As the Systopia payment solution is online, the details of every transaction are captured in real-time and displayed here, to the user and in the form of a report to an administrator.

Why Systopia

See why Systopia is fast becoming the payment solution of choice.

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